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State-of-the-Art Digital X-rays in Houston

Dental X-rays are something we take anywhere from once per year (for “bitewings”) to every 3-5 years (for a full mouth series.) Individual tooth X-rays may be needed each time we’re performing a crown or implant. They allow us to look deeper into your mouth, seeing what lies under your gum tissue and outer enamel shell.

You See What We See

We strive to be transparent with our patients. By sharing our findings with you and allowing you to co-diagnose your care alongside of us, we’re able to provide you with the best oral health care possible.

When you visit North Houston Dentistry for your checkups, we’ll share your X-rays with you so that you see the same findings we do, giving you a better grasp of what your smile needs.


Diagnosing Problems Before the Pain Starts

One of the most important factors of having intermittent X-rays taken is to diagnose problems before they’re painful or severe. The earlier an issue is detected, the less-invasive (and more affordable) the treatment is to correct it.

For example, tooth decay (cavities) may not be visible during the visual exam portion of your check-up. Our North Houston dentist will use the X-rays to see just under the enamel’s surface and between teeth, both of which are areas hidden during a clinical evaluation. If a shadow or eroding of the tooth structure is seen, we can place a smaller and more affordable filling, before the decay spreads into the nerve and requires a root canal.

Faster and More Efficient

 In years past, getting dental X-rays meant spending an extra 10-15 minutes per appointment waiting on the images to be processed and mounted before we could read them.

Today, that time is cut down to a few minutes. As soon as the image is captured, we can see it on the screen. Digital X-rays save you valuable time and allow us to address your concern as quickly as possible.

Better for the Environment

Our high-tech imaging software means we’re able to completely eliminate the use of harmful chemicals. Instead of different solutions for processing X-rays, everything is done electronically. Now there are no hazardous fumes to worry about or special disposal methods needed.

 Plus, there’s no extra material that needs to be recycled or disposed of each time an X-ray is taken. Digital imaging uses protective barriers to use the same wand on each patient in a sterile and waste-free manner.

Safe for Our Patients and Team

Digital X-rays use up to 90% less radiation than conventional dental radiographs from a few decades ago. In fact, it’s lower than what you would be exposed to by spending the day out at the beach or taking an airplane flight from coast to coast.

You may be asking yourself “If digital X-rays are safe, then why do I have to wear a lead apron?!” Great question. Because it’s just good practice. If you’re pregnant or undergoing cancer treatments, it’s important to limit your exposure. Lead aprons cover reproductive organs and even your thyroid, to prevent long-term damage to yourself or any future offspring. Our staff step out of the room each time an X-ray is taken too, to avoid a cumulative buildup of radiation (even though it’s very low.)

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If it’s been a year or more since your last dental X-rays, it’s time to schedule a checkup at North Houston Dentistry. Call us today!