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Fluoride Treatments for Houston Families

Fluoride is a natural mineral that’s important for strong, healthy teeth and bones. Like calcium, it’s found in a lot of the foods that we eat. Most fluoride absorption comes from the water we drink, which is why North Houston municipal water (the water you drink out of the tap) regulates fluoride and other mineral levels throughout the year.

Although teeth absorb fluoride the most during development and childhood, topical fluoride treatments are especially useful when it comes to limiting problems like tooth decay, demineralization, and sensitive teeth.

Reversing Tooth Demineralization

The earliest stage of tooth decay is demineralization. At this point, the outer layer of enamel becomes soft and usually takes on a white or chalky looking appearance. Catching the cavity at this stage and treating it with fluoride can reverse the decay process, preventing you from needing a filling at all.

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Reducing the Risk of Cavities

When healthy teeth have regular exposure to fluoride, they’re able to be stronger when it comes to combatting tooth decay.

We typically apply a fluoride treatment after each cleaning, when tooth enamel is thoroughly clean and can uptake the mineral at its fullest.

As you’re selecting home care products, be sure to purchase toothpaste that contains fluoride. Current ADA recommendations are to use a pea-sized amount for adults and children, and a rice-sized smear for infants and toddlers.


Treating Sensitive Teeth

Do you struggle with hypersensitive teeth? If you’re not able to eat ice cream, drink a glass of iced tea, or just breathing through your mouth during a tough workout hurts, let us know. Exposed root surfaces and sensitive teeth can usually be managed with a fluoride varnish applied every 3-4 months. If you’re between checkups, just call our North Houston dentist to find a 5-minute window to pop by for a touchup. 

During Orthodontic Therapy

Have you ever seen someone with braces get their appliances off and have visible white circles on their teeth? Unfortunately, this anomaly is due to inadequate plaque removal during their orthodontic treatment. When a small amount of plaque clings around each bracket, it etches away at their enamel.

Using fluoride on a regular basis while you’re in braces can help to limit your risk of these unsightly scars. It also makes your smile more resistant to cavities, as keeping your teeth clean is more challenging with extra appliances in the way.

Do Adults Need Fluoride?

While every child gets a fluoride treatment at the time of their dental checkup, North Houston Dentistry also offers adult fluoride. In fact, we strongly recommend it if you’ve had a history of frequent cavities or suffer from gum recession. If you’re undergoing cancer therapy, fluoride can significantly lower your risk of dental side effects.

Over-the-Counter vs. Prescription Fluoride

Store-bought fluoride products are perfect for everyday use. However, they’re not as concentrated or strong as what we apply here in our office. If you need to significantly address weak teeth or sensitivity, then ask our North Houston dentist about a prescription strength gel that you can use at home.

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