Your New Patient Experience

Are you looking for a family or cosmetic dentist in North Houston? Dr. Sasan Bastani comes from a long history of dentists and received both his undergrad and dental education right here in Houston.

As a general practice, we offer comprehensive oral health care to patients of all ages. So, when you’re on the search for the best family dentist in Houston, look no further than North Houston Dentistry.

What to Expect

When you visit us for the first time, we’ll want to spend a few extra moments getting to know you and your family. The better we understand your goals and concerns, the more thoroughly we can help you address them.

At your initial appointment, we’ll have you complete a few sets of forms so that we have all of the information on hand that’s needed to process insurance or be aware of underlying medical factors.

Next, we’ll escort you back to one of our exam rooms to have a series of digital X-rays taken. Low-radiation images are safer for our patients, help your appointment run more efficiently, but most important, they allow Dr. Bastani to see through your oral anatomy to identify potential concerns at their earliest stages.

Dr. Bastani will then step in to complete a thorough evaluation of your teeth, bone, and soft tissues. At this time, we’ll want to discuss your questions and needs.

Some of the things our North Houston family dentist will be looking for include:

  • Oral cancer
  • Bone loss, tissue recession, and periodontal disease
  • Demineralized enamel
  • Active tooth decay
  • Cysts or abscesses
  • Malocclusion (irregular, crowded, or crooked bites)
  • TMJ disorder/TMD
  • Aesthetic concerns
  • Integrity of existing restorations

If You Need Treatment

If it’s been a while since you saw a dentist last, there may be a chance that you’ve had undiagnosed dental problems pop up since your last checkup. Or perhaps we noted areas of active decay or disease that need to be treated before they cause additional concerns.

When treatment is necessary, we’ll discuss all the viable options with you, so that you can make an educated decision about the best way to move forward. For example, if you suffer from TMJ disorder, Dr. Bastani may recommend wearing a bite splint and/or orthodontic therapy to reduce tension on your jaw and teeth. Or if you have a missing tooth, we can discuss the advantages of implants or a bridge to fill in the missing space.

Our office manager will work the recommended treatments into a care plan and provide an outline as to the costs and number of appointments involved. Your plan will include an estimated breakdown of what your insurance covers, so that you can move forward with your care in an affordable manner.

Looking for a Dentist in North Houston?

North Houston Dentistry offers exceptional family care in a warm, comfortable atmosphere. Plus, we accept all major PPO plans, as well as Medicaid and CHIP. Our commitment to each patient is to help you find an affordable and efficient solution that extends the optimal health of your smile.

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