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Custom Mouthguards Protecting Your Smile

Some of the most common types of dental injuries and emergencies are completely preventable, but only if you wear a protective mouthguard.

Athletic Mouthguards for Sports

While mouthguards are required for most contact sports, they’re optional in others. In reality, a properly fitting mouthguard doesn’t just lower your risk of broken or knocked out teeth — it can also guard you against concussions.

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But not all mouthguards are created equal. Over the counter designs tend to feel loose and bulky. They fall out easily and most athletes are tempted to take them out frequently during the game.

With a custom mouthguard, your appliance is made from an actual impression of your natural smile. As such, it fits like a glove and offers a higher level of protection through your whole activity. This design is important when it comes to facial trauma, as many injuries are due to the secondary hit or fall that comes after the initial trauma.

Plus, your athletic mouthguard can even be customized to match your North Houston sports team jerseys or to the color of your choice.

Bruxism Splints / Nightguards

Chronic tooth wear and grinding (bruxism) is something that many of us due because of stress. Either we find ourselves clenching our teeth on the commute in and out of Houston, or wake up in the morning with sore jaws because we’ve been grinding our teeth all night.

While tooth enamel is strong, it can wear down rapidly when teeth grind against one another. That doesn’t include the strain inside of our TMJ (jaw joint) and the muscles around it.

Wearing a protective night guard or bite splint gives a small amount of space between the upper and lower teeth. As a result, it disengages the TMJ and prevents:

  • Chipped, worn teeth
  • Migraines and headaches
  • Jaw pain
  • Broken dental work

Having a Mouthguard Made

If you need a mouthguard, the process is relatively simple. Just stop by North Houston Dentistry to have an impression taken of your teeth. We’ll pour a mold to create a replica of your mouth, then make your appliance in our office or send it to a nearby lab. Within a week or two, your new splint or guard will be ready to wear.

Adults can keep their mouthguard for years, but bite splints will need to be changed out if you’ve started to wear through the thick acrylic.

Children who wear sports mouthguards will need to have their appliance updated each season, until their mouth is fully developed.

Lower Your Risk of Dental Injuries

The small investment that you make in getting a mouthguard will more than pay for itself over time. With a lower risk of tooth wear, jaw pain, and athletic injuries, you’ll be glad you finally made the choice to protect yourself.

Call North Houston Dentistry today to request an appointment for the athlete in your family! We accept all major PPO insurance as well as CHIP and Medicaid. Find out if your oral appliance is covered by your benefits.


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