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Are you looking for a pediatric dentist in North Houston? Why not bring the entire family to North Houston Dentistry instead? Dr. Sasan Bastani is a general dentist who provides comprehensive oral health services for all ages…including children!

When Should My Child Have Their First Checkup?

Pediatricians and pediatric dental experts all recommend that your child see a dentist for his or her first checkup by their first birthday or when their first tooth erupts (whichever comes first.)


While these appointments may seem insignificant compared to dental checkups for older children, they’re important in regard to:

  • Giving parents information and resources to limit their child’s risk of common dental concerns
  • Establishing a positive outlook on dental care, rather than linking trips to the dentist with something scary or painful (like waiting to see a dentist until your child has a cavity)
  • Lowering the rate of childhood tooth decay
  • Intercepting common developmental concerns, such as those related to orthodontics and speech

Will My Child Need X-rays?

Taking digital X-rays at periodic intervals allows us to evaluate your child’s oral development and placement of their teeth. Not only is Dr. Bastani screening for cavities, but we’re also ensuring that teeth are coming in where they ought to. If something like a displaced tooth or cyst is noted, we can take appropriate steps.

Most children have X-rays taken once per year.

If Your Child Needs Treatment

Our Houston Dentist tries to help your child avoid needing dental work through regular preventative cleanings, fluoride treatments, oral hygiene counseling, and diagnostic X-rays. But occasionally, cavities happen.

Just like adults, we need to treat childhood tooth decay early. Doing so prevents the cavity from spreading into adjacent teeth, including the ones that may still be developing underneath.

We use white, tooth-colored composite fillings which are mercury-free and minimally invasive.

Can’t a Decaying Baby Tooth Just be Pulled?

Baby teeth are temporary. After a matter of time, it’s their job to fall out (exfoliate) and be replaced with their permanent counterpart: your child’s adult teeth.

So, when a primary tooth gets a cavity, it’s naturally to assume that since it will fall out anyway there’s no need to treat the decay. In reality, it’s even more important!

A baby tooth can decay at an alarmingly fast rate compared to permanent teeth. If we have to pull the tooth due to pain or infection, it can jeopardize the development of your child’s biting patterns. A few years down the road, your child will be more likely to need orthodontic correction. That’s not to mention the impact on their diet and speech patterns.


In most cases, it’s almost always better to treat the dental infection than it is to pull the baby tooth. 

CHIP Dentist in North Houston

North Houston Dentistry accepts all major PPO plans, Medicaid, DentaQuest, and CHIP. Plus, flexible financing plans are available through CareCredit and Lending Club, so that you don’t have to delay your child’s treatment.

Is your child — or entire family — due for a dental checkup? Call North Houston Dentistry today. Here, everyone is welcome!

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