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North Houston Periodontal Maintenance 

If you’ve ever been treated for gum disease, then periodontal maintenance is one of the most important steps in your oral health routine.

At North Houston Dentistry, we offer in-house periodontal therapies so that you can receive comprehensive tooth and gum care in a convenient location (with a team you already know and trust.)

Unlike a “regular dental cleaning” you schedule every six months, periodontal maintenance is a problem-specific cleaning where we target areas affected by bone and gum loss. Since deep pockets exist under the gums around each tooth, they require special techniques and instruments to clean. Rather than a preventative cleaning, a periodontal maintenance cleaning is focused on maintaining areas that are no longer infected and preventing any type of relapse.

Being that thorough flossing cannot reach down into deep gum pockets, a maintenance visit should be scheduled as frequently as every 3-4 months. Waiting as long as six months between visits could prove to be counteractive to your smile’s health. 


Preventing Disease Relapse

Periodontal disease occurs below the gum-lines, where gums attach to teeth just above the supporting bone. But when it’s infected, both the gums and bone pull away from the tooth.

Treating periodontal infections start by removing the bacterial plaque and tartar that cause the process in the first place. But regular cleaning of these areas prevents the infection from relapsing and progressing into a more severe stage of disease.

Your smile isn’t the only thing at risk; your overall health is too. If you’re diabetic, struggling to get pregnant, or have cardiovascular health concerns, then an active oral infection can work against you.

After a deep cleaning, regular periodontal maintenance visits allow our North Houston dentist to stay on top of your oral condition and limit its chances of worsening. In some cases, periodontal care also involves a combination of locally placed antibiotics, bone or gum grafting.

Our overall mission is to help you retain your natural teeth and limit the risk of known health complications.

At-Home Advice

Investing in an electric toothbrush can help to remove a larger amount of plaque, preventing it from accumulating and calcifying along the gums.

Since flossing can normally only reach 2-3 millimeters into gum pockets, and periodontal disease includes pockets over 5mm deep, investing in a water flosser is extremely beneficial. Studies suggest that water flossing may reach as far as 7mm below the gum-lines, allowing it to remove loose bacteria that aren’t accessible with traditional hygiene aids.

Exposed root surfaces are a side-effect of past or current periodontal infections. These areas are anatomically softer than tooth enamel, making them more likely to develop cavities or feel sensitive. Supplementing with a prescription fluoride or over-the-counter fluoridated mouthwash can help to prevent decay before it starts.

Do You Have Gum Disease?

Recovering from gum disease isn’t a “once and done” process, because the bone never grows back. Schedule your next checkup at North Houston Dentistry to help keep your smile healthy for life!

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