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Custom Ceramic Crowns in North Houston

Crowns — sometimes called “caps” — are restorations that we use when your tooth needs full coverage protection. Unlike fillings that go inside of a stable tooth, dental crowns cover structurally compromised enamel that can’t withstand everyday use without the risk of breaking.

Each of the crowns we offer in our North Houston practice are custom matched to the color of your natural smile. That way you can talk or laugh with confidence, knowing that your smile looks as great as it feels.

Do I Need a Dental Crown?

Our North Houston dentist will recommend getting a crown if your tooth has:

  • Recently been treated endodontically (with a root canal)
  • Large cavities or cracks
  • A large metal filling that needs to be replaced
  • Evidence of severe wear
  • Been replaced with a dental implant


Types of Crowns We Offer

North Houston Dentistry offers both ceramic and BruxZir (zirconia) crowns. The type of crown you choose will depend on where the tooth is located in your mouth. Its position affects both integrity (back teeth tend to withstand more pressure) as well as aesthetic considerations.

What to Expect During Treatment

Getting a dental crown usually calls for two appointments. During your first visit, we’ll numb your tooth and then removed the damaged portions. Next, we’ll prep and reshape the remaining tooth structure so that a crown has room to slip over it without feeling too bulky. Finally, we’ll take an impression of your prepped tooth and send it to our lab, where your new crown is crafted by hand.


You’ll wear a temporary crown while the permanent one is being made, so that you can limit any sensitivity or aesthetic concerns.

About two weeks later, the permanent crown will be ready to try in. After Dr. Bastani makes sure that everything fits into alignment properly, we’ll permanently bond the cap over your tooth. Avoid eating on that side of your mouth for the rest of the day. In most cases, no anesthetic is needed at this second visit.

Caring for Your Dental Crown

To get the most out of your new restoration, it’s important that you clean around your crown carefully each day. Take note to gently brush along the margins and floss both sides of your tooth at least once per day. Flossing won’t pull a stable crown off, but not flossing could cause your crown to fail (due to bacteria leaking under the edges of your restoration.)

If you’re someone who tends to clench and grind your teeth, be sure to wear a night guard while you’re sleeping. Otherwise the porcelain may chip away, and the crown will need to be replaced.  You may also want to consider getting a zirconia crown, which is more durable against extensive pressure and wear.

Need a Second Opinion?

Do you think you need a crown or want a second opinion about getting a cap? Call North Houston Dentistry today to schedule an exam with Dr. Bastani to find out how we can help! All major PPO insurance plans are accepted and flexible 0% interest financing plans are available.

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