Teeth Whitening Options

When it comes to teeth whitening, there are so many choices available that it might be hard for you to decide which treatment is best for you.  Below is an overview of what options are out there and the results that you can expect with each one.

Whitening Toothpaste

There are whitening toothpaste formulas available over-the-counter that can give you results, but the difference will be very minimal. Whitening toothpaste is best for people who normally have pretty white teeth, but may have stained with yellow and need a boost of white. 

If you’ve bleached your teeth in the past but have started to notice that they are starting to stain from your everyday foods and drinks,  then whitening toothpaste may be all your teeth need to bounce back or prevent new stain from forming. 

Toothpaste is also a good option and may be the only choice for people with extremely sensitive teeth.

Whitening Strips


Certain whitening strips (also available over-the-counter) can be moderately effective.  When making your selection check the label to see the percentage of whitening power that’s included in that particular formula. Just keep in mind that carbamide and peroxide levels are different from one another.

Also, look to see how long the strips need to be worn, and how often.  Obviously, you’ll want a product that works quickly rather than one that needs to be worn for an extended period of time.

The easiest kind of whitening strips are the ones that dissolve on your teeth, this will save you the added (and messy) step of having to remove the product after each use. 

At-Home Professional Whitening System

Our North Houston dentist can provide you with a professional whitening treatment that you can usein the comfort of your home. 

We’ll make you a pair of custom-fit trays and give you the prescription strength gel to use with them.  With our powerful formula, you’ll see a big difference and begin to notice whiter teeth within just a few days. Optimal results will be seen after one to two weeks of use. You can keep your trays forever, touching up whenever necessary.

Tooth sensitivity may be experienced during this time.  To help with the discomfort you can begin to brush regularly with sensitivity toothpaste. Another option is to cut back the amount of time you spend bleaching.  For instance, you can bleach every other day rather than daily.

In-Office Professional Whitening System

During our in-office professional whitening treatment in Houston, we place a concentrated bleaching formula over your teeth and it’s activated when we shine a special light over it. Typically we do three to four back-to-back sessions with each round being about 15 minutes long. 

When your in-office treatment is complete, you’ll see the same results that you would have experienced with two weeks of professional at-home treatment. 

This method of whitening can cause tooth sensitivity.  Though it’s temporary, the discomfort that you feel can be difficult to deal with for some individuals. As such, this treatment isn’t recommended for people with overly sensitive teeth. 

Which Treatment Is Right For You?

To learn more about all of the teeth whitening options that are available to your smile, call North Houston Dentistry.  We’ll gladly evaluate your teeth and help you determine which solution is best for your situation.