Getting dentures is a big decision and which kind to get may be an even bigger choice.  At North Houston Dentistry we commonly offer two types of dentures. First, there are the traditional dentures that have been used for years by countless people.  Our other option is a snap on denture. 

To help you make a better decision as to which one of these solutions is best for you, here is an explanation of each, as well as their pros and cons.

What Is A Traditional Denture?

A traditional denture is a removable appliance that sits on your gums.  The base is made from an acrylic that matches the natural tone of your gum tissue, and false teeth are attached to the base.


What Is A Snap-on Dentures

A snap-on denture or implant-retained denture is a removable acrylic appliance that looks like a traditional denture but on the inside it has “buttons” that snap onto dental implants that are set into your jaw bone.

Benefits of Dentures

Both traditional dentures and snap-on dentures have some of the same advantages.  For instance, when you have teeth pulled, your jaw bone begins to deteriorate and as a result, you’ll notice sagging, loose skin that can make you look older and worn out. Both traditional and implant-retained dentures fill in your cheek and mouth areas,  which instantly takes years off of your appearance.

Dentures also allow you to speak better and pronounce sounds properly, which is something that some people with missing teeth often struggle with. 

Dentures are intended to last a long time.  When taken care of the right way, you may be able to get as long as twenty years out of one of these appliances.

Pros and Cons of Traditional Dentures

Referring specifically to traditional dentures, there are the following pros and cons to keep in mind:


  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to Clean
  • Quick process (you can get one in as quick as four weeks)

Cons of Traditional Dentures:

  • Bulkiness can trigger your gag reflex and prevent you from tasting your food
  • They can be loose, move and cause gum soreness

Snap-On Dentures Pros and Cons

Those who choose snap-on denture may experience the following:

Pros of Snap-on Dentures:

  • Offer your a horse-shoe design which is less bulky and won’t trigger your gag reflex as much.  The shape also exposes more of your taste buds so that you can enjoy the foods you love.
  • More stability and no need to wear denture adhesive


  • Cost more than traditional dentures
  • Require you to have a sufficient amount of bon,e which some people don’t have
  • “Buttons” wear out and will need to be replaced
  • You still have to come in and get your implants professionally cleaned
  • Take a longer time to complete (anywhere from 4 – 6 months)

Which Denture Is Right for You?

When you visit North Houston Dentistry, we’ll perform an evaluation to determine which denture is right for you and help you feel confident about the educated choice you’ve made. Give us a call today to schedule your consultation.